Refuse Fear, Embrace Life: A Resolution for 2021 By Charles S. Saliba

للاشتراك بالنشرة البريدية اضغط هنا

“What a year!”, a statement we will hear a lot in the coming couple of months, before we get a taste of the new one! Definitely atypical and unexpected, 2020 was nothing that our comfort zone was ready for. Phenomenal levels of brain overheat have been slowly transforming into numbness for a lot of people lately. A submerging feeling of being stuck in a tasteless odorless senseless cycle of confinement measures, has overtaken us. Although active minds are still trying to resist, a weary state of passive resilience is ominously spreading into the will power of humanity. The stamina of human beings to face obscurities, has diminished into the art of how to dodge a virus! People’s aspirations do not exceed the barrier of wishing that this endemic would end soon, putting most future plans into deep sleep.

Lured to think that this is nothing but a glitch, and everything will go back to normal, we discovered that this was not a similar scenario to the movie “28 Days Later”. No, the virus did not disappear after a month, and here comes news about mutated versions. What imprisoned humanity for more than 12 months now, seems to be here to stay, and it is expanding its reign of terror. The question that most people are posing – when will this end? – seems to be unanswerable. Even more, how odd can it be that after few weeks of releasing the vaccination, multiple mutations of the virus appear all of a sudden?! Why would the virus wait for 12 months before it decides to mutate?

What humanity needs to know is that ‘Fear’ has been officially crowned as the new paradigm. It is the new operating model that will define civilization (or anti-civilization) in the coming 50 years. This,  or until a solution is found for the biggest 4 questions of life on earth: Over Population, Depletion of the Planet’s Resources, Destruction of the Ecosystem, and Valueless human beings. The first 2 decades of the Twenty-First Century were nothing but an incubator, a testing ground for the new paradigm. Experimenting with ‘Fear’ under the commercial brand of “Terrorism” proved to be the most lucrative business for the ruling minority. The civilized world was investing in ‘Fear’ for the past 20 years, and its efforts are now rewarded. Humans have been herded back into their primordial basic instinct. The paradigm of ‘Fear’ has already put them on track for becoming no more than biological organisms whose main aim is to survive by following instructions; the alternative is sure death.

This new paradigm has been approved. It is no more in a piloting stage, and will be used next as the base for control and for conducting business across all sectors. The billions of dollars “Economy of Terrorism”, will become the trillions of dollars “Economy of Fear”. Driven by an instinctive desire to survive, humans will make instinctive decisions to invest. Most if not all Earth resources and human energy will be channeled into feeding the ‘Economy of Fear’ for tens of years to come, or until the above challenges are resolved.

This might sound a bit gloomy coming from a Positive Thinker. Yet, it actually carries a lot of Positivity in the sense of making people aware of who their real enemy is. ‘Fear’ is the Anti-life, it empties you of the reality that you are a higher creature who can think, judge, and decide. ‘Fear’ is the drug that will put your brain into sleep and hand you – on the long run – into impulsiveness and instinct. ‘Fear’ is the spell that will make you blindly follow what you are being told, without questioning, arguing, or resisting. When we are driven by ‘Fear’, we will do whatever we are asked, happily and with gratitude. We will accept to be controlled (potentially enslaved), for fear of Death. We would accept that our personal lives be intruded, our freedom be compromised, and our beliefs be diluted. When we become possessed by ‘Fear’, we will be glad to spend all our income on anything that carries the promise of safety and survival.

The truth however is out there, and it is crystal clear. Nobody has ever or will ever escape death; it is not a matter of ‘If I die’, it is a matter of ’When I die’! The paradigm of ‘Fear’ will try to convince you that if you do this, or buy that, or invest in this, or spend on that, you will live longer, survive the endemics that will come, and possibly cheat death. It will try to picture the measures taken to control your free will, as simple law enforcement acts aiming to protect people and sustain public health. Well, this is not true. The truth is that life didn’t change, but we are made to think so. Life has always been, and so does Death; Illness has always existed, and so does the Cure; Dark times have always come, and so do Prosperous ones; War was always made, and so does Peace; Evil has always been present, and so does Good.

Let your 2021 resolution be a true commitment to refuse being possessed by ‘Fear’. Let your 2021 resolution be an undisputable decision to Live; courageously as a dignified Human Being. Let your spirit explode with life, and be the light that shines unto others. If you have lost someone, pray for them. This will make you both relieved. If you lost your job, don’t go out searching for one, rather go out and make your own cheese. If you are lost, seek help from your fellow humans because this is what brought civilization here in the first place. If you are afraid, seek strength through solidarity, because unified we are stronger. Do whatever it takes, to resist the new paradigm, but do not get possessed by ‘Fear’ because ‘Fear’ is the real pandemic and a sure way to Death.

Go out and make a Positively Roaring 2021.
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